Cheat foilers - take a leaf out of IRCs book?

  • Anonymous - 2003-11-23

    this is related to cheating - there are several kinds of cheats around including obsessive TKers, and they seem to be multiplying. We've all seen them.

    How to go about this?
    Short and sweet, automatic means are no subsitute for human operators, on the few occasions I've played while an admin has been on, patyhological idiots were dealt with quickly, allowing the game to flow as it is meant to. Of course the same gaggle of reatrds who were TKing and cheating just waited til the admin left to come back on, hence to my point:

    we need more admins.

    How to go about this?
    there is a vast pool of trustworthy souls out there (I see the same callsigns all the time in  the timeslot I use BZflag, some old timers - none admins on the popular servers) who can be on servers 24/7 admining if we let them - much like running an IRC channel frequent users get given privs allowing them to get rid of persistent sphincter heads, but done as a community all BZflag servers-

    why not just nominate admin here or elsewhere on the web site, gather votes and act accordingly?

    vote to instate new admins or demote abusive ones, votes weighted to reflect oldtimer/wanton newbie status etc

    • Tim Riker

      Tim Riker - 2003-11-24

      that's effectively what the Karma System is supposed to do.

    • Christoph Granz

      Christoph Granz - 2003-12-09

      The Karma system looks good to me.
      Perhaps another way may be voting. I think Half-Life has this feature. One may ask to kick/ban some guy from the server and any other player may answer yes or no. If some quota is reached the player is kicked.
      Some restrictions may be useful: playing for some minutes before asking/answering.

      What do you think?

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2003-12-09

        Although I think that the voting system will actually compliment the Karma system, it should most certainly help the most blatent cases of cheating when the servers are relatively full rather expeditiously.  You are correct in that other games have voting systems, HL comes to mind as do the Tribes games.

        I think your idea is a good one.  So good, in fact, that I've already implemented it. :)  The next release of BZFlag should have a voting system in it that is configureable by the server operators.  By default, registered players will be able to:

        /poll kick|ban some guy

        And other registered players may answer with

        /vote yes|no

        If a criteria percentage of affirmative votes are received, the player will be removed.  There are a variety of restrictions to minimize abuse.  Sound like what you were thinking? :)

        This will be it's first release, so the system as it currently stands implemented is likely to change once more feedback is received from users.



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