Playing in a wondow

  • Jacob

    Jacob - 2004-09-01

    How do I do that WITHOUT the command line? If you must do it with the command line, please give me EXACT instructions on what to type to start it that way.

    Sorry for being fussy. I'm a begginer.

    • Greg Alkire

      Greg Alkire - 2004-09-01

      what OS?

      XP, linux, etc....

      basically its just adding -window to the command line, in XP its creating a shortcut, which might already exist as part of the install.

      in linux, just add -window.  bzflag -help will list all the available options.

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2004-09-01

      If you're playing on Mac OS X, you simply cannot until 1.12 is released.  If you can manage to find your BZFlag configuration file (which is in various places depending on your operating system), I believe you can add:

      set window 1

      and that will cause BZ to start up windowed from then on (similar to if you'd added the -window command line option).


    • Jacob

      Jacob - 2004-09-01

      Sorry! I am using Windows XP, and have NO IDEA of how to run BZFlag through the command line. I know how to get to the folder, but don't know any command to run BZFlag.

      When I run the shortcut I created on my desktop, it opens full-screen.

    • dreamarchitect

      dreamarchitect - 2004-10-10

      Edit the properties of your icon using the right mouse click. There should be command line argument options there.


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