A BZFlag Dream

  • Anonymous - 2003-10-14

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes nothing...

    Yesterday, my girlfriend was over at my house, and we were playing some BZFlag on secretplace.us for a while, until both of us lagged out (we must not have enough bandwidth to support two people playing online). But anyway, that night, I had a rather strange and disturbing dream about the game we know and love

    I believe the game took place in a Matrix-type environmenta whole bunch of people, including several people in my school, and my girlfriend, were playing BZFlag--however, we were actually in the tanks. Now this was all well and good, until we found out that everyone who lost was to be systematically put to death. So we were all lined up in front of a conveyor belt, which led into a Big Strange Machine of Death with all sorts of nasty blades inside. No one was resisting, or even afraid--everyone just lined up, and apathetically stepped onto the conveyor belt one by one. I watched many of my friends die, including my girlfriend, who was just ahead of me in line. Finally, I got onto the conveyor belt, and just as I entered the Big Strange Machine of Death, I screamed, and everything went black.

    Moments later, I (still dreaming, mind you) woke up in my house laying on the floor next to the two computers. My girlfriend was there too--she showed me a piece of paper, and on it was written that the two of us were not killed because our internet connection cut out at the last second...and, metaphorically, we were yanked out of the Matrix just before we got killed. I looked at my girlfriend, smiled, and woke up.

    I know it doesnt make much sense, but hey, it was a dream...maybe I should cut down on the BZFlag a bit...

    • Jeff Myers

      Jeff Myers - 2003-10-14

      I think perhaps you are just a bit to excited about that what comes out on DVD today :)

      • Anonymous - 2003-10-14

        This is true...


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