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  • Joe

    Joe - 2003-10-13

    I'm new to BZflag, the reason that I'm interested in BZflag is because I play another online tank game called Tanarus which unfortunately is wholely owned by Sony Online Entertainment. They won't release the source code for it and they don't enhance it in any way. So I would like to create a similar type game using some open source project. One project i'm looking at is bzflag. Has anyone played tanarus and if so how close do you think the two games are?
    The 2nd question is, previously I ran across a site by someone that said they were working on the next generation of bzflag but I can't find that site anymore, does anyone know what site I'm refering to and if so please post the link, thanks!

    • Jeff Myers

      Jeff Myers - 2003-10-13

      Tanarus and BZFlag are totaly difrent, about the only thing they share is the fact that they each have tank models. Not that you could not mod BZ into playing like Tanarus, and not that BZ is not any fun the way it is :) It's just totaly difrent.

      Bigest thing is, all tanks are the same, no customsations, no "slots" for items, no power feed, and one hit and you go boom.

      There have been a couple people working on Branches of BZ, and other derivitive/similar projects. Would need more info on what you saw to say what one it was.

      You should also check out the BZFlag Centrum forums at http://bzbb.bzflag.org


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