Charles Luo - 2003-09-02


Please forgive me to borther you with my short on-line
questionnaire, although I've known that you probably
have received the mails like this before.

Currently, I am a student of Durham Business School
(UK), striving on completing the writing of my MA
dissertation. I just need to borrow your
SEVEN minutes (I promise, have timed it)to help me run
to the completion of my
dissertation. Please............

The aim of this questionnaire is to understand how
people reflect on the
importance of trust and collaboration to the success of
projects (e.g.
Open Source Software Development) carried out in a
virtual environment.

And that will be much much appreaciated if you could
forward the above questionnaire link to your project
members, colleagues, and friends.

Thank you.............

Best regards,
Charles Luo