Where is everyone???

  • mad_butcher

    mad_butcher - 2004-09-30

    Maybe I'm the only one up at 2:30 a.m. Pacific time...maybe there's a glitch in my system that keeps me from seeing others online...maybe I'm so deadly that only the very bravest of pl.....who am I kidding. Just seems to me that there aren't all that many people playing BZFlag lately. Except in those annoying "cracked"  worlds. Lots of servers hosting lots of games but nobody in them. But I still LOVE THIS FRIGGIN GAME!!!!!

    • Frank

      Frank - 2004-10-06

      I'm new to the game myself, only 6 months or so and I already know what you mean.  The cracked wrlds are all right but I like the 'grassroots' stuff myself.  There are so many great maps running that always are empty.  Folks seem to play on like 6 or 7 maps over and over and thats it.  The other day I tumbled on the dragon server with the basement map.  What a great map, really fun to drive in, gotta to be a blast with a bunch of players but i'll never know cause they are never there. 

      I have noticed that if you can get 2 or 3 folks to join you somewhere that often more will come along in a realtively short time.

      In response to your question, I'm here, look for 'Grim' and if you catch me somewhere I'd be glad to go explore another game somewhere.

    • dreamarchitect

      dreamarchitect - 2004-10-10

      It's probably the start of another academic year - everyone playing BZflag during the holidays is probably out drinking.

      The most popular games seem to be "capture the flag/team play" with jumping tanks/ricochet and superflags.

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2004-10-10

        Last weekend, BZFlag's sole listserver -- the machine that provides the list of running public servers -- was disconnected.  Actually lightning struck in the neighborhood where it was housed and took out the networking lines.  That particular machine was only accessible by Tim Riker, who just happens to be out of the country on vacation right now.

        Within a day of receiving word from him regarding what happened, we had a new BZFlag listserver up and running.  To utilize this new list server automatically, a 1.10.8 release was prepared and made.  If you use that release, you will see your missing servers.

        When Tim gets back from vacation, we will be able to properly fix the problem for all of the 1.10.x clients.  Until then, and regardless, your best solution is to use 1.10.8.  On a related note, proper redundancy has been added to the list server so that this should not be a problem again.



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