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new colors

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-02-20

    how about adding new colors? black would look nice, had to see at night though (on the servers that run day/night modes) or white? also why are blue tanks blue, but yellow are grey?

    • Jeremiah

      Jeremiah - 2003-02-20

      You can change the colors in the configuation file. 

      Yellow/grey tanks are rogues.

    • Dave Brosius

      Dave Brosius - 2003-02-20

      black tanks on a black radar wouldn't be very much fun.... unless you're the roque :) thus the yellow

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-11-23

      I agree - the number of time I've killed a RED team mate because they looked purple, and vice versa kille PURPLE teamamtes who looked red, or have been killed by a GREEN tank which from a building looking out on grass is pretty much cammoed (and yes I use radar) -
      so I suggest substituting GREEN and PURPLE for ORANGE and WHITE in no particular order

    • Christoph Granz

      Christoph Granz - 2003-12-09

      In my opinion the actual team colors are not "equal" enough. You can see pink, green or red tanks far better than roughes or blue ones.
      I'd request a more balanced palette perhaps with a handicap for the roughes.

      I'll look for the config to make them bright yellow for me ... >:-]


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2003-12-09

      One thing recently implemented to assist with seeing colored tank is the idea of the shots having a "highlighted tip".  You can configure a shot size under the GUI menu (same location where you can configure a shot length) and when the shot size is non-zero, the tips of player shots will be unbiasedly colored white.  That makes it incredibly much easier to see a blue tank's shots.  As an added tidbit of value, GM shots have a slightly reddish/pinking tip to them. 

      I can only take credit for the implementation [grin], but the idea was sparked from a feature request by another player..  The devs do listen. :)  As for changing the tank color, I'd recommend setting the color in the config file for the meantime.  Hope it helps some.


    • Matthias Jetleb

      Matthias Jetleb - 2004-01-08

      Actually, I've been griping about this for years. I can't for the life of me understand why the clients aren't given pallette control through the GUI menu. You could then adjust the colours of each team any way you wanted (for yourself only). Certain monitors, such as my LCD, render blue and green poorly on a black background. I'd dearly love to make blue and green lighter shades. Given that I hear quite a number of people complaining about this, and the fact that some servers have banned blue outright, I figure there must be a demand for it.


      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2004-01-08

        There are lots of features that would be nice if you could configure them through the gui menus.  Not only colors.  Probably just a matter of sparking the right developer's interest to make the fix -- and doing it at the right time.  Right now, for example, there are much more pressing issues that have to be addressed (cheating and lag are still the #1 requests/complaints heard).

        If anyone would put together a proposed layout for such an interface (perhaps in html), it might help motivate or spark someone's interest.  Sourceforge donations help too .. j/k ;)


        • Tim Riker

          Tim Riker - 2004-01-12

          it's not in the gui cause you have not written the code yet. ;-)

          seriously, it's just not been a priority to any of the developers. Patches welcome.


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