#589 Tanks can get stuck inside teleporter

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This is a bug new to version 2.4, not found in previous 2.0.x versions. When driving or jumping through a teleporter near the edge of the teleporter and at a high angle relative to the teleporter, tanks tend to hit an invisible wall blocking them from going through the teleporter. A good example of where the bug happens frequently is the teleporters in the HiX map.


  • Cobra_Fast

    Cobra_Fast - 2012-04-12

    This is due to a change of teleporters in 2.4, it's not a bug.

    In 2.0 the teleportation pane was in the center of the teleporter.
    In 2.4 the teleportation pane still appears to be centered on the radar, but the teleporting happens at the front and back (by border width).

    What's keeping you from driving through is the check if the tank would stuck on the other side of the teleporter. And when passing at high angles, your rear would be stuck in the teleporters border (I actually tried this).

    After all, this was an intended change (so you don't need to drive all the way into 'long' teleporters) and will likely not be changed (back) in the 2.4 branch.
    Therefore I'll move the patch to the Feature Requests tracker instead.

  • Cobra_Fast

    Cobra_Fast - 2012-04-12
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  • Bullet Catcher

    Bullet Catcher - 2012-04-19

    This behavior was, indeed, introduced in r21681 which backported teleporter calculations from v2.99. One thing that does *not* seem to help is making the teleporter size thickness value extremely small (e.g., 4.0e-06). A thickness of zero is even worse.

    Regrettably, any fix for this problem (presumably by adjusting tolerances) will have to wait until version 2.6 to ensure that all clients behave the same.

  • Jeff Myers

    Jeff Myers - 2013-01-20
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