jain30 - 2007-05-22

Hi All,

I want to integrate a DVD Burner with my application. My requirement is I want to create a Video DVD of a WMV File with these features –

a. Background (Choose a background image (skins) or add a custom background. Default should be the same background chosen for the video)

b. Layout (Vertical Left, Centered, etc…)

c. Menu Title (Edit title and change font size, style and color)

d. Chapter Title (Edit chapter title and change font size, style and color)

e. Video Thumbnail (Default is first photo in video. Need ability to change thumbnail)

f. DVD Writer (select DVD burner)

g. Disc Speed (1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, MAX)

h. Disc Format (NTSC, PAL)

i. Video Quality (Normal, High Quality)

j. Copies (Select number of copies)

Does this BWGBurn provide these features? Just comment how many features it provides.