Cannot edit saved Create Data Disk jobs

  • jbhuber

    jbhuber - 2007-02-20

    Once I save a Create Data Disk job to a bwg file, it cannot be successfully edited the next time I open the BwgCreateDataDisk program and try to edit the bwg file.

    I can delete files from the job, and I can create new folders, but if I try to add files to existing folders or new folders, one of two things will happen. 

    1) The files don't show up when I add them.  I can drag files over to the Disk Image window, the "+" sign shows up, I can drop them, the screen blinks a little bit, but the files never show up.

    2) The error
    "Error adding file xxxxx to image - Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
    will start showing up.  This usually happens after trying to add files a few times, or adding a new folder and then trying to add files to the new folder.

    I'm using 0.7.0 RC4 with WinXPpro SP2.

    Is there some solution to this problem?  As I am trying to use the software, the inability to edit old jobs is a severe limitation.



    • Jack Griffin

      Jack Griffin - 2007-02-24

      I have a fix for this and will release an RC5 early next week.



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