buzztard project status 01/04/2009


We're heading for a 0.5 release! Most planned features are done and thus its
time for testing. I've added some more unit tests. Especially for the dynamic
editing, which now finally seems to work quite fine.

I added more keyboard shortcuts to support the workflow people might know from
buzz. There is one to start playback from cursor-position and several for cycling
through the comboboxes in pattern editor. I started to work on the play-notes
functionality in pattern editor too. One can play notes while editing if song is
playing already. Need to play the song in a idle-loop otherwise. Also need to
figure the horrible latency I get.

One feature that was missing compared to buzz, is that buzz also shows
parameters (volume, panorama) of incoming connections in the parameter view.
We have this now too.

I also refactored some code in the machines and made monitoring more flexible.
As a result the level-meters in the toolbar are now post-gain. Means if you
change the volume you see the level-changing accordingly.

Last change of the month is some eye candy. The icons in the machine view don't
become blurry when zooming anymore. I also added some simple effects to show the
state (desaturizing them or making them half transparent).

LJ has part two of the buzztard article online [1]. Its an interview and tells
you all you never wanted to know a bout me and the project.

Have fun,

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2009-04-08

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