buzztard project status 01/12/2008


Finally I have cut a 0.4 release for all buzztard packages [1]. I spend most
time before with maintenance tasks, such as i18n updates (we now have dutch and
dansk translations!).

I started with some features after the release. There are now some nice
gtk-theming improvements for the pattern and the sequence view (we have a custom
gtkrc now that extends the theme). Then the audio settings got ui for choosing
sampling rate and channels. This will be nice for arm based devices if the cpu
power is not enough for high quality as well for doing high sampling rates on
fast machines for max quality.

Naturally people try your software once you released it and not before. Thus we
got quite some amount bug reports. A lot of them were related to portability,
looks like we get it working on BSD. I'll probably do another release soonish.

Have fun,

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2008-12-04

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