buzztard project status 01/08/2008


Wow, July went fast. I spend most time with my family. Still a few news from the
development front. I worked mostly on wavetable view. It now features more
proper sample playback. I wrote a memory audio source for GStreamer. It supports
forward and backward playback. This is needed for e.g. ping-pong loops. Also now
changing things takes effect while a sample plays. Our waveform widget also
shows a playback pointer and loop markers. I also got around to unify and merge
duplicated note conversion code. You know, when you've copied something the 3rd
time, its time to refactor.

Earlier this month I refactored the song-io plugin API a bit. It has now more
metadata. This helps the UI to setup file and recent filters. Unfortunately I had
to find out that the mime-type detection in glib was broken [1]. Its at least
fixed in trunk. No idea since when it actually worked. As a workaround I am now
adding "*.xml" to the filters.

Have fun,

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2008-08-10

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