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buzztard project status 01/07/2008


Some very visible changes this month - svg machine canvas icons. For that I
needed to add better icon theme support. All icons are now themeable and colors
are matched with the theme. Machines now have tiny level-meters embedded in the

I also found a solution for slow start of playback in complexer songs. Data-
format-negotiation is not deterministic in all cyclic gstreamer graphs. Proposed
patches are attached to Bug 540645 [1].

Finally I got around implementing support for a zip based song format. This
can contain binaries (like the samples being used). The loader is based on
libgsf [2], which turned out to be a pleasant experience.

I also added filters to the load and save file-choosers and to the recent-chooser
in the new recent menu. Still fighting with the filter not doing a precise
detection [3].

Next on my todo list is refactoring the song io plugin api a bit. Right now
there is too much hard-coded data (like mime-types, format names, extensions).

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2008-07-06

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