buzztard project status 01/12/2008


I guess tracker-style music editors have to live with the heritage of tabular
pattern input. Some feature rely heavily on it. FSM started with such a widget
and I integrated it into buzztard. One can still switch between the previous and
the new one by setting a define. The widget works quite nice already. The only
missing feature is native scrolling support. To add that to an own widget
requires an ugly hack. I can't figure why gtk does not use an interface for it.

Patterns in buzz also carry volume and panorama events for the inputs of the
machine. This was totally missing in buzztard. Now we have quite nice support
for it. The volume control works and panorama/balance support is next on the
to-do list. While working on that I made master-machine patterns useful by
allowing to control master-volume,

The sequence view got more commands. Finally one can insert and delete rows in
all columns or only in the current track.

If that wasn't enough, we also did a round of maintenance. All code has been
moved to svn. The buildbot has been extended to build all modules now.
And finally I got around to port the code to not use the deprecated gtk tooltip
API if new gtk is available.

That's a great start for 2008 I'd say!

buzztard core developer team

Posted by Stefan Sauer 2008-01-08

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