buzztard project status 01/09/2007


The first big change this month came from berzerka. He wrote midi support for
the interaction controller subsystem. That required some extension of the
classes, specifically adding a learn mechanism. That is you click a machine
property, select learn, touch the midi-controller and done.

One important requirement for a power tool, is having keyboard shortcuts for
almost everything. For the main menu its easy to do so in gtk+. But then we
have context menus and toolbars. So I read API docs and code, wrote test
programs and files bugs and patches [1][2]. The fix for [1] is in svn now, but
the patch in [2] needs review, anyone? Generally the keyboard accelerator
functionality needs some updating, seems that this has been mostly taken from
gtk-1. At least I could not figure out how to e,g. define two accelerator to
e.g. select previous/next item in a combo on a toolbar. Sure most apps won't
need this, but for productivity tools this is quite mandatory. Finally I wonder
what is the policy for the media-keys and how to use them. My gdkkeysyms.h
include does not have symbolic names for them.

While we're talking about gtk, imho the GtkRuler widget is not that esoteric, it
would be quite useful if it would have some bugs fixed [3] and be more
customizable (non-linear scales, more units).

Last month I have started the song-recording UI. The command-line tool already
supported rendering songs to mixdown files. Now there is UI for it too. In
addition to render a mixdown it can also render each track to a separate file.
This is great for postprocessing in a multi-track editor like jokosher [4].
Ideally we could even create a project file for some editors -help is very

This month I also started to look into live song graph editing. Sounds scary?
Its is! GStreamer requires some extra care when adding or removing elements while
playing. I did this now for the wire-analyzer, that plugs spectrum analyzer and
level meter into a wire. With the changes it works reliable now and doe not kill
the playback. Next step is to do this for the song itself too.

Waffel improved out wiki a bit. We now have geshi extension [5] installed. This
adds syntax highlighting to sample code. Really nice.

buzztard core developer team


Posted by Stefan Sauer 2007-09-09

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