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buzhug 1.0 released

buzhug is a fast, pure-Python database engine

This release :
- fixes a bug for the float 0.0
- makes sort_by() available for Python 2.3
- adds the support for datetime.time instances (implemented by Nicolas Pinault)

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2007-12-12

buzhug 0.9 released

This version fixes a bug (forbid adding a field with the same name as an existing field) and adds a close() method to close all the files open for a database

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2007-09-29

buzhug 0.8 released

This release fixes a minor bug related to links between bases

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2007-06-02

buzhug-0.7 released

buzhug is a fast, pure-Python database engine, using a syntax that Python programmers should find very intuitive
The changes in version 0.7 are Python2.3 compatibility and a new syntax for updating records

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2007-02-25

buzhug 0.6 released

Version 0.6 of buzhug, a fast pure-Python database engine. No significant changes, the documentation has been fixed and completed and the client/server mode has new features

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2006-12-26

buzhug-0.5 released

Buzhug is a fast, portable, pure-Python database
engine, with a Pythonic syntax (no SQL)

This release introduces a client-server mode,
for applications that need thread- or process-

An optional parameter "mode" is added to the
method create(), in case the base already exists
the result can be to override with the new
field definition, or to open the existing base

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2006-09-06

buzhug 0.3 released

Changes in this version :
- options for database creation (parameters like 'overrideIfExists')
- faster algorithms for requests on fixed-length fields
- in select(), the value can be a 2-item tuple or list of integers, floats, date or datetime, the result will be the records whose value is between the 2 items
For instance, people aged between 30 and 35 :
This format gives much better results than
db.select(['name'],'x <= age <=y',x=30,y=35)

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2006-06-10

buzhug 0.2 released

buzhug is a fast, pure-Python database engine using the list comprehension syntax for queries, instead of SQL

The changes in this version are :
- a complete documentation, with a quick reference page, a tutorial and implementation notes
- new methods to add and remove fields
- support of float fields
- implentation changes (making this version not backwards-compatible with the previous one)
- bug fixes

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2006-05-27

buzhug-0.1 released

Buzhug is a pure-Python database management software. It uses a Pythonic syntax to create tables, insert, update and delete records, add or delete fields

The tables are Python iterators, so that list comprehensions, familiar to Python programmers, can be used to select records

Buzhug implements all the usual features of a database program, including concurrency control by versioning

Posted by Pierre Quentel 2006-05-21