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#1 Help! Big problem.

v1.0 (example)

I wrote at the help forum but no reply. I'm kinda desperate and that's why I write here again. Hope this works.
I'm trying to broadcast my stream from Traktor Pro 2 (DJ software) & Icecast. I have the stream up & running but Traktor streams only to icecast and only in ogg vorbis fromat which is not so widely supported as mp3. I wanted to somehow convert the stream to .mp3 and when i couldn't manage to do it I found BUTT. With it's purpose it suits me perfect. I've set it to connect to my icecast but when I select a sound device no sound comes into BUTT. I have 3-4 sound cards and tried them all in BUTT but whatever I do - NO SOUND. It only picks the sound of my laptop built-in microphone. I even tried doing it with the program Virtual Audio Cable and yet no success. I'm getting kinda desperate here so I am asking for your help. My OS is Windows 7 32-bit. Laptop HP Pavillion dv5. If someone can help me I'll be more than grateful. Thank you in advance. You can contact me here or use my email -


  • Emsley Sherman

    Emsley Sherman - 2013-08-12

    use the controller output to go back into the mic input of your laptop you'll need a whatever the output of your controller is to an 1/8" jack if you have a mac then you can change the heaphone jack output to an input in settings

  • Daniel Nöthen

    Daniel Nöthen - 2014-04-18
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