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Mihail Savochkin kehei


What BE is not?

BUSEngine is not yet-another-wordpress-like-soulless-php-cms-script-for-shoolgirls-diary. Yes, it's not a cms, blogplatform, socialnetwork or any other shiny WEB 2.0 stuff (but it can become it, if you want, but you will not, are you?).

What BE is?

BUSEngine is a superbly customizible combiner, it can BE everything you could ever imagine! Did I just said customizible? Here, you take the BUSEcore for your site, install it on your server and here comes the magic. You can attach any magically enchanted BUSEmodules to your fresh-installed core, so your web-recourse become a blog! two clicks, here's your web market place. three clicks and one clap, here's your personal social network, message board, business card, photo gallery, MMO statistics, newsaggregator, etc, etc!

You even don't need to know how this things is working, because we know how, and we will make it work for you.

Want some magic? Get some BUSEngine!