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contact address/burn problem

  • AlanG

    AlanG - 2012-07-30

    First off, I'd like to know what's up with the Contact Address. I sent an email outlining a problem I was having and it came back as un deliverable. Having said THAT, I will try to paste the contents of that email below in the hope the somebody can provide me with some help. Here goes:

    I have 24 video clips that comprise a family reunion. They were originally shot in MTS format on my Canon camcorder.
    Before discovering "Burn", I used a trial version of Wondershare to convert them to an MOV
    format so that my IMovie ( I'm on an Intel IMac) program would recognize them. A folder was stored on my desktop
    containing them in that format. THEN, I discovered BURN and was so pleased with my test vids I decided to try the
    reunion vid clips using Burn.

    After dragging the folder into burn it apparently need to convert them to MPG which was fine enough, but here is the problem.
    After successfully converting the 24 clips to MPG, I can't seem to burn them and don't know why. the ERROR details says

    "/Users/captusa/Desktop/Doppes Reunion 2012/THEME_TS/dvdauthor.xml:36: parser error : Couldn't find end of Start Tag vob
    <vob file="/Users/captusa/Desktop/Beavercreek f "Burn"/00002.mpg"></vob>
    ERR:  Error in parsing XML"

    Not being a computer person by nature, I have no idea what this message is trying to tell me or what to do to get THESE DVDs to burn.
    I've had no problem burning  the other short test clips, so it's these particular files.

    Would part or all have something to do with the fact that the original clips were first converted from .MTS to >MOV using a
    Wondershare trial program and then Burn needing to convert to .MPG?………..Too many conversions?

  • Franklin Morris II

    I had the same "Couldn't find end of Start Tag vob" error with Burn, too. My video file had quotation marks in it. When I renamed the title and took the quotation marks out, then I didn't receive that error message, and Burn started working properly again.


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