Please HELP - Did Burn Delete All My Files?

  • ronnyv

    ronnyv - 2007-08-11

    I am a mess, and the wisdom from this board is my last hope.

    I wanted to use Burn to create a DVD from an ISO.  I mounted the ISO, loaded the files into Burn and selected Burn.  I was then prompted to "Select a location to save the DVD folder".  I assumed this was just prompting me for a folder where to save temp files or something while burning.  I thought nothing of it when I selected the root of Documents folder.

    THEN, I received the error "There was a problem authoring the DVD".  I tried a couple times more...

    It didn't take me long to realize that ALL the content in the folders I selected to "save the DVD folder" had been deleted. 

    I am talking my entire DOCUMENTS folder was now empty.  Does anyone have any ideas why this happened and if its recoverable.  I am convinced these files have been permanently deleted.  I can't find them in spotlight. I am hoping someone will have an idea.

    Since I made the fatal mistake of not backing up my files, this could set me back months with how many work files I lost.

    Please Help.

    Thank you.

    • ronnyv

      ronnyv - 2007-08-12

      UPDATE:  I tried rebuilding the hard drive and directories using Disk Warrior.  No luck.  Couldn't recover anything.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?


      Macbook Pro
      80 GB HD
      2 GB RAM
      Mac OS 10.4.10

    • Maarten Foukhar

      Maarten Foukhar - 2007-08-13

      Hi Ron, 

      Burn should create a folder named after the lable used for the disc. 
      When it failes it should delete this folder.

      Something apparently went wrong.
      I will try to reproduce this problem, if you have any extra information I should be aware of, it might help finding the problem. 

      To recover deleted files, I know Norton has Unerase, I'm not sure if DiscWarrior has a option to find deleted files. 
      I had some luck using: Data Resue II >> 

      Hope you will be able to recover your files and we can find the cause. 

      Maarten Foukhar 
      Kiwi Fruitware

    • Nate Zobrist

      Nate Zobrist - 2008-06-27

      I just ran into this same problem with 1.72u. Luckily it wasn't my whole documents folder.

    • Bill Jezzard

      Bill Jezzard - 2008-07-31

      I just had the same thing happen. I didn't set up a separate folder and just used my movie folder, everything in it is gone gone gone and I have an extra 8.5 GB on my hard drive now so I'm pretty sure it's gone.
      Version 1.72u (14) Lucky for me it was only my movie folder.

    • Bill Jezzard

      Bill Jezzard - 2008-08-01

      I should give some details about my system and what I was doing.
      My system:

      Macbook Pro
      80 GB HD
      2 GB RAM
      Mac OS 10.4.11

      The first time I tried to burn an avi file I didn't check the box to delete the [DVD?]folder. When Burn was creating the disk image I noticed that the percentage indicator read over 1000% and still going. I checked the image in finder and it was over 9 GB and still growing. Since the original avi was 449 MB I suspected mischief in the system so I canceled and everything was fine.  I tried it again but checked the delete folder box and when the percentage indicator got to 102% I figured it was going higher, I canceled and watched my Movie folder sucked into the ether.

  • E.H

    E.H - 2012-10-26

    This has just happened to me. It was a really important folder with all my digital art files in and I can't find it anywhere on my system. I am aboslutely lost. I HAVE to get these files back. How can I do this? PLEASE HELP!

  • Robert Walliczek

    If you've lost files, use TestDisk (for NTFS formatted hard drives, such as those for Windows operating systems) and/or PhotoRec (for HFS+ formatted hard drives, such as those for Mac operating systems).


    However, since you posted on October 26, I surmise that by now your hard drive has overwritten those sectors that were removed from the hard drive's file index.


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