Next Hop Self - 2012-02-17

I have an MVK file, which I'd like to burn as a DVD.  I'm running Snow Leopard. 
In Burn, the MVK file is greyed-out, so I converted to DVD using "ffmpeg -target ntsc-dvd outfile.mpg".  This created a file which plays under VLC, and I can "add".  After I click on the "Burn" now button, Burn seems to be doing its Authoring, etc. 

I come back an hour later, and Burn appears to be done burning (no error messages).  The operating system has presented its "You've inserted a blank disk" dialog.  If I eject and re-insert the DVD, I get the same blank-disk message.  If I fire-up Burn again, it shows the disk as 0% full.

I think I'm missing something basic.  Should ffmpeg be creating a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS file somewhere?  I'm just getting a single file.