Creating an exact copy of an audio CD.

  • kowalskil

    kowalskil - 2011-04-30

    1) Today I downloaded burn, hoping it will help me to solve a problem. But it did not help me. Perhaps someone will explain this situation.  But first let me describe the problem.

    2) I have a CD disk containing an interview. Parts of the interview, called tracks, are IAFF files, I was told. This source disk starts playing automatically when I insert it into a standard disk player, from the beginning of the interview to its end.

    3) I can also insert this CD into my imac (OS-10-5-8). It activates the iTunes and starts playing the entire content as soon as I click the “go” triangle. I want to make several copies of the source disk and send the to people who have standard CD players only.

    4) Google took me to the the and I was very impress by this general description: “Creating standard Audio-CD discs is easy. Just drop the audio files in the burn audio list.”

    5) The CD I created with Burn plays on my computer but it does not play when I insert it into a CD player. I probably did something wrong. Please help me. Here is what I did, after downloading the application:

    a) Start ed Burn and clicked on the AUDIO button.

    b) I declared that my CD will be named Ludo1. Copies of the IAFF files, from the source CD, previously placed into a folder,  were dragged into the main window  of Burn application. They were listed there, one below the other.

    c) I inserted a blank CD. This produced the dialog box with a pop-up menu. From this menu I choose the “other applications…” option. Then Burn application was selected and pressed the “open” button.

    d) The earlier dialog box appeared and I clicked OK. After that I clicked the Burn button (at the lower right corner of the main window.

    e) This generated another dialog box. Here I selected the burning speed 10X, and pressed the Burn button. The process of burning started and could see the progress report.)

    f) The session ended and the dialog box appeared, telling me that “names of songs on this disk could not be found on line.” Not knowing what it means, I clicked OK  and the importation of files started. This took couple of minutes.  All files were apparently burned into the CD.

    g) Assuming all was done, I ejected the CD and placed it into the regular CD player. But the disk did not play in the player.

    h) Then I inserted this CD disc into my computer. It activated the iTunes and I was able to play it in the same way as I played the source CD.

    6) What should I do to create an exact copy of the source disc, i.e. a disk that starts playing automatically in any standard CD player?

    Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)
    Professor Emeritus
    Montclair State University

  • Matt C

    Matt C - 2011-12-03

    Have you tried using the "Copy" option in Burn?


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