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analyze data from other source


the import functions are being tested.The exact format of the metadata files are yet to be set.

the raw data need to be:
time in ms
x coordinates in mm
y coordinates in mm

At the moment the data is downsampled to 10Hz. Downsampling to different frequences is not yet supported.

In the speed calculation, the speed over 50mm/s are discarded, this threshold will be settable in a future version.

Posted by julien colomb 2012-06-12


just a change in the variables names, to fit with the forthcoming paper.

Posted by julien colomb 2011-12-05

analysisv 3.2 = CeTrAn 3.2

The analysis software has now a name:
CeTrAn for Centroid Trajectory Analysis


(other small esthetic changes were made)

Posted by julien colomb 2011-12-01


Here is a major release, the code was cleaned to give the best outputs as possible. This version is the one used for the forthcoming publication that will be used as a explanatory document. I hope you will enjoy the new features along the PCA.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

have fun with it

Posted by julien colomb 2011-08-19


the new version include a correlation analysis, and a new acrtivity analysis:
time threshold and diplacement threshold better separated, different medians given to better understand the distribution of the data.

Posted by julien colomb 2011-07-20

v. 1.7 beta

hey, hey.
the tracking system givves false movement. to go around the problem, we used a function putting a threshold on movement of a certain size.

It seems to be not working with some files... but we work hard to fix this.
You can anyway download it in the file section

Posted by julien colomb 2011-01-28

v. 1.6

we found bugs in the analysis software when comparing multiple groups. They were fixed in this new version. Other upgrades were made:

the general,activity and occupancy codes were merged into a single one in "mta_all.rgg" giving one output pdf flie and one txt file with all analyses inside.
different messages were added to facilitate debugging.
the previous trajectories code was changed to lead to one output file for each fly and was renamed "individual_fly_viewer.rgg"

Posted by julien colomb 2010-12-10