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BULocalization Updated

- Added doc for developers
- Fixed exception with missing localization string

Posted by Anonymous 2009-09-22

Development activities were closed

Since now development activities on this project are closed

Posted by Anonymous 2009-01-19

BULocalization 3-2 released

1. Bug with Ctrl+F in change template dialog fixed
2. Add new language issue with focusing control fixed
3. BULocalization library - bug fixes
(a) Languages now are sorted by their name
(b) <Project> - Choose Language -> Choose Language - <Project>

Posted by Anonymous 2009-01-08

BULocalization 3.1 was released

1. Documentation and samples improved

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-21

BULocalization: 3.0 was released

.Net C# program and classes to make program localization into different languages easily and with comfort

1) About dialog - > incorrect version showing
2) Modify translation -> Tools
3) About -> to the end of list
4) Remove for namespaces backcolor
5) add new namespace - OK button is available
6) Rename - Enter new name_:_ Remove from caption
-> Please enter new name for namespace '{0}'
7) Options
E-mail * _- -> _*
Site * ...
8) tab switching on 'Search' dialog
9) 'settings' -> Tools->Settings
10) smtp host panel is invisible in the end
11) icon missing for form
12) default colors for all dialogs
13) MessageBox.Show - issue with pressing button
14) Links bugs
15) when showing help about translation mode in butranslate an 'Error' occurs
16) fixed issue: when lanuage edited - list of languages isn't reloaded
17) search dialog not activated bug, Ctrl+F issue,
18) add new item issue with '<Not set>' selected
19) validation does not work
20) Shift Up/Down issue
21) DIalog closing issue, suffixes
22) deleting namespaces n_id clearing issue
23) fixed bug of BUTRanslate with setting last modified item state, first item state
24) saving from menu does not work issue fixed
25) sending form issue fixed... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-18

BULocalization 2.2 Released

1. Copy e-mail context menu tiem create and remove such column
2. Removed 'Update' default translation and make it autodetect what item to update
on double click
3. Open Create project - created form with ability to paste path

1. When dialogs are closed - main window in background
2. Open with param bug in butranslation
3. 'Update selected item' is always active
4. Bug with caption of BULocalization
5. When 'Modify' called - window occurrs in second time only
6. When 'solutionprojecttextbox' is empty 'OK' is active

Posted by Anonymous 2008-10-05

Hot fix

1. Fixed bug with starting tool with command line parameters

Posted by Anonymous 2008-07-16

Version 2.0 Released

Version 2.0
- Now solution refactored(except old version of CSharpBUlocalization),
- removed some errors,
- for all purposes use BULocalization library,
- changed license,
- improved speed,
- reduced memory usage,
- its a signed assembly
- Api updated and simplified
- added "recent" project, "recent" localization option

For using of library BULocalization:
mono 1,9,1 or higher required or Microsoft .Net Framework 2,0,5
Library is platform independent, but 2 programs depends still on Windows(because they'are using still CSharpBuLocalization library)... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-07-06

In 7 days a new fresh version will be released

The main good news of new version:
- refactored business logic,
- rewritten library,
- improved performance,
- fixed several bugs,
- reduced memory usage
- simplified API
- fixed several bugs in editors,
- removed some messages
- cleaned up code

Testing is almost done...

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-30

New BULocalization version will be available in 1 month

Do you have any feature requests?

You have time to 15th of June

Posted by Anonymous 2008-05-30

New version released

This released version as i tested has much less bugs(or even maybe bug free)

Also, i'm notifying that since this moment up to December 2007 i'm stopping for a while active developement of butil localization - and if you have a questions or bug reports feel free to contact me by e-mail(shown in the butil configurator)
That's because i'm planning to study MS SQL databases

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-15

New 1.5 version became available

In a new version
- interface improvements
- documentation improvements

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-10

License bugs

In next 1.5 version license will be corrected
Release of version is planned on the end of 08/07 or on 09/07

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-07

Version 1.3. coming ...

Version 1.3:
1.Interface of BUTranslate improved
2.Bugs with e-mail sending feature fixed. Now program shows errors correctly
3.Bugs with saving user profile in BUTranslate fixed
4.Creating translations from BULocalization created. Since this version user does not need to operate with files. Translation can be created directly from program.
5.Documentation improved. Removed useless information from classes description, added XML documentation to all methods of classes.
6.A new feature in BULocalization\Edit default translation creared: automatical pasting text from buffer into SOURCE field and pressing SET button when user pressed “NEW” button
7.BULocalization: now at exiting from program or form “Edit default translation” program asks from user permission to save data.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-18


Automated sending e-mails added

In a new version program will be translated into russian and belorussian languages

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-04

Version is available

BULocalization is a set of tools to make localization of .Net programs easier and quicker. You shouldn't discover wheel in second time. All what you need to do is just to use ready decisions and adopt it to your needs.
Packet consists of 2 programs and class:
BULocalization manages localizations
BUTranslate helps to translate programs in different languages
BUTranslation class for loading language options... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-06-30