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BULocalization is a set of tools to make localization of .Net programs easier and quicker. You shouldn't discover wheel in second time. All what you need to do is just to use ready decisions and adopt it to your needs.
Packet consists of 2 programs and class:
BULocalization manages localizations
BUTranslate helps to translate programs in different languages
BUTranslation class for loading language options

System requirements
To run both programs you need: Windows 95+, .Net Framework 2.0.5+

New version plans
-Localization on Russian and Belorussian.
-Interface improvements

License changed to mixed
For non-commercial usage its free and available under GNU GPL, GNU LGPL or SPL licenses with special restriction: do not use derived works in commercial projects.
For commercial usage(taking fee for SELLING program) you have to pay a small fee – 22$. After that you will have non-exclusive right to use and adopt it it in 1 commercial project(For warranties see section “NO WARRANTY” of GNU GPL license). Additional support services etc does not relating to definition “commercial usage”.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-06-30

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