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AutoDeploy 0.5.8 released

The BuildProcess team is proud to announce that AutoDeploy 0.5.8 release is available. This release especially includes a fix in the JBoss 6 controller.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2012-01-18

AutoDeploy 0.5.7 released

New release including support of JBoss 6.x and 7.x and major bug fixes (especially on the file system manipulator).

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2011-11-28

AutoDeploy 0.5.6 released

AutoDeploy 0.5.6 has been released.
It's a minor version which fixes 4 bugs on the AutoDeploy agent.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2011-05-26

AutoDeploy 0.5.5 released

AutoDeploy 0.5.5 released has been released.
This version includes:

Agent 0.5.5 Changes
** Bug
* [3177426] VFS cache issue
* [3052259] VFS fixes
* [3052257] Message in agent log on WebSphere
* [3003362] Fix support of wildcards in the archives
* [2940992] Use callableStatement in the SQL script runner
* [2936410] Update of a software fails
* [2936980] Check and correct exception/error publishing
* [2709222] Update ear on JBoss
* [2682181] Can't deploy war
* [2073958] Environment copy/paste error
* [2014249] Configuration file URI is not VFS formatted
* [1970290] Update JDBC driver on connection pools fails on WLS 8.1
* [1725058] AutoDeploy cluster deployment fails on WLS 8.1
* [1610402] Split configuration and journals
** New Feature
* [3256385] Manage execution of all SQL scripts in a provided folder
* [3051450] Add force execution of SQL scripts
* [2950467] Improve cron format
* [2937370] Define update order between JEE resources and softwares
* [2936223] Module/application scope at JEE application level... read more

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2011-04-05

CruiseControl BugzillaPublisher

A new version of CruiseControl BugzillaPublisher is in progress. This version supports CruiseControl 2.8.3 and provide bug fixes.
This version will be submitted to patch to the CruiseControl team.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2010-10-25

AutoDeploy 0.5.6

AutoDeploy 0.5.6 will be the latest release on the 0.5 branch, including bug fixes.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2010-10-25

AutoDeploy news, back to the business

AutoDeploy is back to the business. Two major news: AutoDeploy 0.6 will be provided in Apache 2.0 license and based on pure OSGi basis (using Apache Karaf, Apache Aries, Blueprint, etc).
The AutoDeploy Console will be still available in pure war format or OSGi-fied format.
The AutoDeploy architecture has been heavily improved, structured around OSGi bundles and using services and provide an easy way to move into Apache ACE.
A large set of new components is used such as Apache CXF (WebService/DOSGi), JAXB, etc.
On the other hand, new infrastructure is in progress such as Git repo and new Continuum server with maven 3 support.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2010-10-25

BuildEraser 1.0.0 released

BuildEraser 1.0.0 has been released. It's now based fully on OSGi/Blueprint powered by Apache Felix Karaf.
You can manage all BuildEraser resources via the shell console and lot of new features haven been included.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2010-04-13

BuildEraser is back and use OSGi

A rewritten of BuildEraser has been performed providing a more flexible configuration. It's now fully based on OSGi/Blueprint powered by Apache Felix Karaf.
First snapshots are available for Unix and Windows system:

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2010-02-14

New AutoDeploy snapshots available

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2010-01-15

AutoDeploy nightly builds

Now AutoDeploy uses Apache Continuum to provide continuous integration and nigthly builds.
You can find it:

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2009-10-17

AutoDeploy 0.5.4

This new release is a transition one waiting the main 0.5.5 one.
It mainly includes cumulative bug fixes.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2009-03-24

AutoDeploy 0.5.3 available

AutoDeploy/WebAutoDeploy 0.5.3 is available.
This release includes :
- bugs fixing (especially around copy/paste, JMX controllers, etc)
- update blocker new feature
- environment variables new feature

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2008-06-29

AutoDeploy 0.5.2 features


the AutoDeploy 0.5.2 minor release is in progress.

This release mainly include new small features.

The first one is the regexp filename selector on the archive. As Maven2 builds name the EAR/WAR/JAR files with the version number, AutoDeploy must be able to automatically find the archive file to deploy. For exemple, the AutoDeploy configuration can contain a archive path like this applications/myapp-*.ear.... read more

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2008-03-25

AutoDeploy/WebAutoDeploy 0.6 on the road

The development of AutoDeploy 0.6 will begin next week.
This release is a big change because all the technological backend is change :
- Java 5
- Spring based beans
- GWT/GWT-Ext presentation framework
- Maven module structure (with Super POM)

This new release will supports the following application servers :
- BEA Weblogic 9.2/10.3
- IBM Websphere 6.1
- JBoss 4.2.2

The purpose is :
- provide fully operationnel application server upgrades
- provide "one-shot" heavy client wizard installation mode
- provide monitoring tool

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2008-03-08

AutoDeploy/WebAutoDeploy 0.5.0 released

The new official version of AutoDeploy/WebAutoDeploy is availble. This 0.5.0 release includes a lot of new features and bug fixes. It's based on the new development platform using SVN and Maven2. WebAutoDeploy is now a AJAX frontend.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2007-11-18

AutoDeploy release 0.5

The new version of AutoDeploy and WebAutoDeploy has been released. It's the release 0.5.0 the first one of the 0.5 branch.
This release includes a lot of new features and bugs fixes.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2007-09-03

New project : CruiseControlConfigurator

The BuildProcess team is proud to annonce the beginning of a new project : CruiseControlConfigurator.
The purpose is to provide a friendly frontend to administrate the CruiseControl config.xml file.
The other goal is to test new technologies which will be used in AutoDeploy or AsMon : subversion and maven2 for the source versionning and build, echo2 for the AJAX frontend.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2006-12-16

BuildProcess Community Area

The BuildProcess team is proud to annonce that the Community area is now available :
It's dedicated to all BuildProcess tools users and people with interest on BuildProcess.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2006-11-23

Welcome to BuildProcess

BuildProcess is a Java application that manage all the deployment task on application server.
Currently, BuildProcess is compose by applications :
- AutoDeploy that periodically read a central XML configuration file and deploy J2EE applications, apply SQL scripts, etc.
- WebAutoDeploy is a web frontend to read/write the AutoDeploy XML configuration file.
- BuildEraser periodically read a central XML configuration file and delete some files corresponding with name or date pattern. The target file can be located on FTP, HTTP WebDAV, local filesystem, etc.
- WebBuildEraser is a web frontend that read/write the BuildEraser main XML configuration file.

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofré 2004-09-13