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bugzilla-2.22.1-cn-alpha version released

bugzilla-2.22.1-cn-alpha version released

Posted by Yihua Zheng 2007-04-02

Hurray! bugzilla-2.20-cn released !!

we had released a new chinese template for bugzilla-2.20,and CSS style,and perl module needed by bugzilla-2.20. wellcome to download it!
Thanks a lot to LIU Yingmin.

Posted by Hou Guangmin 2005-11-28

Bugzilla-2.18-cn release !!

Bugzilla-2.18-cn release !!

Posted by Hou Guangmin 2004-12-31

bugzilla-cn-withCSS has update !

It is fix some bugs.

Posted by Hou Guangmin 2004-07-02

a new bugzilla-cn version had uploaded

this a tar ball with css maybe looks better.

Posted by Hou Guangmin 2004-02-12