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[Update] Beta 2.4

What's new in this release:
*Switched to BDF 3
*Added support for OpenCL calculation (not CUDA)
*Fixed a bug with resizing the double-buffered window
*Fixed a bug with disabling screen-clean at application startup

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-29

[Update] Beta 2.3

What's new in this release:
*Fixed many bugs
*Enlarged the console to see all of the information
*Source Code: Migrated to VS11 Beta (still using v100 compiler and linker)
*Source Code: Added the structures for CUDA calculation - will be usable soon

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-17

[Update] Beta 2.2

What's new in this release:
*Added Up vector rotation using the mouse wheel
*Better memory allocation fail messages
*Less memory usage
*Fixed a bug with the wireframe mode in 3D
*Slightly improved graphics performance
*Better error management

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-15

[Update] Beta 2.1

What's new in this release:
*Fixed a bug with the logging option
*Fixed a bug with bodies overlapping the text
*Fixed some bugs with not cleaning the screen in 2D
*Added vertex/face count
*Run-time loading of OpenGL to check for existance
*Safer memory allocation
*Increased graphic performance
*Added a warning about large far/near plane distance
*Source Code: Better string management

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-14

[Update] Beta 2.0

What's new in this release:
*Fixed some bugs with the logging option
*Fixed some typing errors
*Fixed a bug with closing the application
*Added the Euler and Leapfrog integration algorithms
*Released an executable for older versions of windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP SP0-1) and older processors (without SSE2)
*Reduced executable size by removing large icon resolutions
*Source Code: Created the program structure that will later be used to add translations
*Source Code: Fixed the resources file to work with Visual Studio

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-13

[Update] Beta 1.1

What's new:
*Better memory management
*Improved performance
*Fixed many bugs
*Enabled semi-transparent colors to be used - buggy

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-09

[Update] Beta 1.0

What's new:
*Compiled with static-link libraries, the DLLs are not needed anymore.
*Fixed major bugs with camera/target moving in 3D.
*Reduced memory use
*Source Code - Switched to freeglut instead of glut
*Source Code - Switched to TinyThread++ instead of boost
*Source Code - The source code is now portable and should compile on most POSIX compatible compilers
*Source Code - Changed headers organization to avoid Intellisense errors and to reduce compilation time

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-08

[Update] Beta 0.4

Beta 0.4 is now available.
What's new:
*Now using the improved Bugale Data Format version 1.
*Switched graphical output to double-buffered when possible.
*Fixed a bug with clearing bottom text when the screen is not being cleaned.
*Completed the logging option.
*Fixed the bug with calculating the linear momentum error.
*Changed to a better working directory recognition technique. *Minor code improvements.

Posted by Bugale 2012-04-04

[Update] Beta 0.3

Beta version 0.3 is availiable now!
What's new:
*Fixed some unexpected crashes.
*Added a linear momentum preservation error check.
*Minor code and naming improvement.

Posted by Bugale 2012-03-27

Re-organized the folders

Now the version folders are the "main sorting folders".

Posted by Bugale 2012-01-21

[Update] Beta 0.2

New Features:
*Informative error messages, instead of crashes.

Posted by Bugale 2012-01-19