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Latest News

  • The presentation given at bada Orange Partner day event can be found from here (09-05-2011 14:08)
  • BuddyFix will participate the workshop organized by Samsung and Orange Partner in London on 5th of May. Detail information can be found from here (27-04-2011 15:15)
  • We uploaded series technical videos to helping you understand BuddyFix and bada services used in BuddyFix. You can watch them from here (27-04-2011 15:09)


BuddyFix allows you, your friends and family to keep connected easily and visually. You can fix your buddy's location (where & when) and start converstations with single or multiple recipients.

Quick Start

You need a Samsung account and your basic profile to use BuddyFix. You can easily set this up this during the first time you launch BuddyFix. Once you are signed in, you can choose More > Profile from the Option menu (located on the bottom of the screen) to update your profile at any time. You can use the Buddies option to browse, add, search buddies or reply to incoming invitations from others. You can either search for new friends by their names or their login IDs. Once you add some buddies to your list, an invitation will be automatically sent to them. You will start to receive their location information once they have confirmed your invitation.

Quick Start

Location Features

The location information displayed on the buddy list and information windows indicates the distance between your current location and your friend's location. The time string (e.g. "2h49m ago") means this distance was reported from the server 2 hours and 49 minutes ago. When you receive the new location of your friend from the server, the time will be reset to the new time. You can click each item on the list to quickly locate your friend in the center of the map. Your location is displayed with a red pin and your friend's location is displayed with a blue pin.

Main Form

Buddy Features

Under the Buddies option, you have 5 different tabs Group, Add, Search, Incoming Invites and History. You can either add new buddies from your phonebook or the bada Server. If you choose contacts from the phonebook, BuddyFix will automatically search the buddy according to the information it gets from the phonebook, such as name, email or phone number. It will combine all matches under the grouped list. The icon name indicates the result is matched with contact's name, icon email indicates the result is matached with the contact's email address, and icon phone number indicates the result is matched with the contact's phone number.

Group Form

Messaging Features

You can send text messages to one or multiple friends and tell them when and where to meet. The message works in a threaded conversation style. You can give a topic/subject for your conversation. The recipient can reply to individual conversation to all participants. You can use the Settings option to adjust how frequently you want to receive messages from your friends.

Main Form

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