Buddi as Check Register and Other Problems

  • Leplam

    Leplam - 2011-04-16

    I really want to use this software, I do!  When I did a Google search for free budgeting and expense tracking software, this program had the best reviews and was often cited as the easiest and simplest way to keep track of your expenses.  Unfortunately, I'm just not having that experience.

    For starters, I wish to use Buddi as a digital check register independent of my budget which is apparently impossible due to the "to" and "from" account labels.  I tried to record transactions in my "Checking" account as they are shown in my register.  But the program won't allow me to record transactions without selecting "to" and "from" accounts which are MY accounts.  My common sense says that if I write a check to the ACME General Store, that  amount goes "from" my account and "to" theirs.  I've been through the tutorials and most of the forum (and I read through the Piggly Wiggly explanation of accounts vs budget categories - three times), and have almost resigned myself to having to apply labels I don't _want _to my transactions.

    So I set up my checking, savings, and credit card accounts with accurate opening balances (I have outstanding CC balances and just over $2,000 in my checking/savings).  This failed, for various reasons, so to make it easier I started my checking account with a beginning amount of $0 and went back to antedate transactions.  I deposited a $25 check from Salary to Checking, then transferred $14 from checking to groceries.  Those transactions look like this:

    2011/03/17     Deposit
                           Salary -> Checking                                                    $25.00                  $25.00
    2011/03/17     Walmart
                            Checking -> Misc. Expenses            $-14.00                                      $39.00  

    Do you see the problem?  I deposited $25, no sweat, but debiting a $14 check…increases the amount in my checking account?  My next problem came when I backed out of the transaction window for my "Checking" account and saw the total listed on the "My Accounts" tab.  According to that page, my net worth is over $2,000, although I began with negative amounts (debts) in my CC accounts!  Does a minus sign not mean in Buddi what it means in everything else?  I entered the transactions exactly as I listed above, and still it insists on ADDING them as if they are all positive sums.

    At this point, I'm very close to just giving up and keeping a composition book in my purse.

  • Wyatt

    Wyatt - 2011-04-16

    The issue is that you are saying you moved $-14 from checking to misc; this is essentially a refund.  You wrote the check for $14, so use that as the amount.  :-)



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