Snow Bros like behaviour

  • Wiseman

    Wiseman - 2006-03-16

    Hi, I'm the guy who posted anonymously regarding comments in the source.

    I just wanted to post what I wanted to do. I wanted to emulate Snow Bros by making bubbles with monsters fall to the ground (or a platform), then making a very short trail of water to appear when a player pops the monster, sliding any other monsters and players in the way. I believe I only need to modify (IIRC) for this, and I managed to hack the monster bubbles, but I was unable to make water appear in the right place (it was falling from above or a displaced location) and behave like water from water bubbles would.

    • Armin Rigo

      Armin Rigo - 2006-03-16

      Are you using the same algorithm as WaterBubble.popped()?  This is how a bubble position is turned in a watercell()-suitable position.


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