#9 multi-drive source&destination

Keith Baker

Wonderful program, the most useful I've encountered
in a while.

I have files in sizeable directories on several
drives across a couple of machines which I need to be
able to prepare for optimal CD-archiving. The
directory sizes are too great given the limited extra
space on any of the drives for me to concatenate them
before running BTTB, so for the moment I must process
each individually.

Thus far, this has been much less successful (i.e.
has led to larger remainders) than when I have been
able to combine all of the files on one drive.

I may be mistaken (or I may be overestimating the
benefit), but if the advantages of maximizing the
initial file-pool aren't insignificant, it would be
helpful to be able to specify a single directory but
with the ability to combine more than one drive (with
the same drives also indicated for the destination
folder if moving is also desired). I personally
would have no need for the ability to specify
directories differentially by drive, either as source
or destination; there is also no need to be able to
move any files between drives.

If I'm not too far offbase, this shouldn't require
any algorithmic modification. Of course, if the
benefits aren't really significant, then there's no
point modifying anything :)



  • Sander Raaijmakers

    • milestone: --> Next_Release
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Sander Raaijmakers

    • priority: 6 --> 8
  • Sander Raaijmakers

    Logged In: YES

    In the current situation, BTTB is too "open" to allow for
    more than one default folder.
    Best solution for now would be to concatenate the folders
    created, ie select 1st default folder, work it out, select
    2nd default folder, work it out while adding to the medium
    that was left partially filled (if any), etc..

    Needs thought.

  • Ducem Barr

    Ducem Barr - 2006-05-23

    Logged In: YES

    That would be a nice feature! I second the proposal.


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