Help Burn To The Brim get translated

  • Sander Raaijmakers

    I have added 4 XML files to the patches section, each containing a different version of the language repository for Burn to the Brim:
    Afrikaans, German, French and Spanish. If you like to translate them, please do and attach/upload the edited version to the patch.
    You can edit the XML files in a text-editor (be careful not to change any XML-statements, only touch the text between <TRANSLATED>...</TRANSLATED> statements). Or you can use Delphi's Translation repository tool (under Tools/Translation Repository ...) to import the XML file, edit it and then export it back to an XML file.

    Some general guidelines:
    - keep the strings as small as possible. While the new version of Burn To The Brim has an enlarged GUI, the chances you overwrite graphics are still not to be excluded. Avoid abbreviations.
    - Try to keep the &-letters as unique as possible. In the XML file they read as "&amp;'. Don't try too hard, I will go through them once I implement the language file. These &-letters are there for shortcut-reasons (ie. press the letter after the &-character and you get to the control in question).
    - If you start translating, please include a text-reply to the patch in question, so no other people get working on the same language file.
    - Don't change any of the number-strings. They serve no purpose for translation.



    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I'm from South-Africa and Afrikaans speaking I'm going to download the software. What do you need for th translation of this program? Maybe I can help you to translate it.

      Thea Venter.

    • KissKool

      KissKool - 2003-03-29

      Hello I am French,
      i was think about a program optimizing folders/files arrangement to burn cds and then i found yours....
      So thanks for sparing my time.
      Anyway, I started translating your file but the translation strings are much longer than the english ones. I'll do my best and I'll post the file soon.


    • Sander Raaijmakers

      Thanks !
      I tried to get the looks of the program a little more spaceous in the latest version, so there should be a little more room.
      If you can't post it on the patches page, send it to



      • KissKool

        KissKool - 2003-03-29

        first try as a translation posted !
        (to the email address, you were right i couldn't upload it)

    • szs

      szs - 2003-04-12

      I'm german / allemand / deutsch and ll help translate the german file.

    • godofdoom

      godofdoom - 2005-02-16

      I've got a lot of time at the moment and I'll help you translate it into german, too :-)

    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-02-18

      I am from Argentina and i'll help you translate it into spanish. I think that in 1 or 2 days it should be finished.

      (sorry for the bugmenot login..)

    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-02-18

      oh, sorry, i won't have time to finish it, if i can do it on time i'll post again, if someone else picks it up, welcome, count me out

    • Cafg

      Cafg - 2005-05-02

      I will help you translating  it to spanish.

    • maznos

      maznos - 2005-05-04

      Thank you all for this great program
      I can translate it to Arabic if you wish

      just guide me through the process

    • Cyron

      Cyron - 2006-05-21

      If you need anytime a translator from english to german ... mail me.

      Greetz Cyron


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