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Roy E
  • Roy E

    Roy E - 2004-01-23

    What are the settings for a typical DVD-R?  How would a typical user know the cluster size, media size, file system size, and allowed waste size?  (And now that DVD-R drives are commonly under $100 and media under $1, do you think this medium should be added as a standard choice?)

    Apparently auto-detect does not detect a DVD-R drive??

    • Sander Raaijmakers

      Not yet, please see spanish explanation for the reason why.

      It will be included in the next release (standard DVD 4.7 Gb)

      • Roy E

        Roy E - 2004-01-29



    • PL2

      PL2 - 2004-07-09

      The settings that work for me are:

      Cluster Size: 2048
      Media Name: DVD   <-- or whatever name you want
      Media Size in Megabytes: 4489.000
      File System Size in Megabytes: 1.000
      Allowed Waste size: 4488.000   <-- or whatever, I use this so all files are used even if some dvds are not filled.

    • John Blaze

      John Blaze - 2004-07-18

      For DVD+R I use:

      Cluster Size: 2048
      Media Size in Clusters: 2295104
      File System Size in Megabytes: 1.500

    • Rubachicken

      Rubachicken - 2005-01-02

      Using "PL2"s instructions above, I have been able to boost the Media Size and Allowed Waste sizes up to 4610 megabytes.


    • Rubachicken

      Rubachicken - 2005-01-02

      Apologies for my incorrect post above, the number above does not work.

      "PL2"s figure of 4489 MB is correct. The only change I made was the cluster size, which I set to 4096 (for media > 2GB).

    • Terry Harris

      Terry Harris - 2005-01-04

      Remember that BTTB does not know  what media you are going to 'burn' the selection on or what file system will be used. It could be a zip drive, or DVD-RAM or USB pen drives - that is why you have to tell it.

      Auto-detection does work for some DVD media on some writers. The writers do not support the required commands consistently. For example Pioneer drives will report the capacity of -RW discs but not -R discs.

      The capacity of +R and +RW discs is 2295104 sectors by definition.
      The capacity of -R discs is a minimum of 2295104 sectors.
      The capacity of -RW discs is a minimum of 2294922 sectors.

      Sectors for DVD media are 2048 bytes.

      The cluster size is the minimum amount of space the file system allocates for a file.  For file systems used on DVD it is one sector (2048 bytes).

      The file system overhead is a guess at how much of the disc is required for directory and file information.  It depends on how many files will be burnt and how complicated the directory structure is and probably on the length of names.

      The Allowed Waste setting tells BTTB how much of the disc you are prepared to leave unused.  BTTB will not create a selection which leaves more than this amount unused.


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