#45 Creating ISOs does not handle running out of disk space


When creating ISOs, should pause before creating next
ISO if there is not enough disk space. Currently it
keeps going until there is "O bytes" free on the drive,
then continues processing, and then gives a message
like "Creation of ISOs completed" (which is incorrect,
because not all ISOs were created correctly).

For example, when using BTTB V2.9.0, with enough data
to fill 11 DVD ISOs but only 5Gb of disk space, BTTB
gives a success message, but a listing of the ISO
directory shows that creating the ISOs did not succeed:
Volume in drive P is 40 Gb WD fixed
Volume Serial Number is 5AB1-E591

Directory of P:\bttb-isos

14/08/2005 07:41p <DIR> .
14/08/2005 07:41p <DIR> ..
14/08/2005 07:40p 4,700,166,144 Disk1.iso
14/08/2005 07:42p 367,730,688 Disk2.iso
2 File(s) 5,067,896,832 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


So this is both a bug, and also a feature request.
* The bug is no error or notification or mechanism for
handling running out of disk space when creating ISOs.
* The feature request is to pause before creating the
next ISO if there is not enough disk space to create
it. (e.g. pop up a dialog saying "There is not enough
disk space to create the next ISO ('Disk2.iso'). Please
free 4,332,435,456 bytes of disk space and then press
'OK', or press 'Cancel' to abort the creation of
further ISOs. Note that you can also burn any already
created ISOs and then delete them in order to free up
disk space before continuing. [insert 'OK' and 'Cancel'
buttons]". (Pressing 'OK' would redo the disk space
check, and show the dialog again if there still wasn't
enough disk space). This would both solve the bug, and
allow users to burn the previous ISO, then delete it,
then allow the next one to be created, and so forth.
(i.e. this would allow bttb to operate in sequential
mode, rather than in batch mode). For example, in the
above scenario, BTTB doesn't need 48 Gb of disk space -
rather it needs 4.5 Gb of disk space and to reuse it 11
times, or 9 Gb of disk space and to reuse it 6 times,
or 18 Gb of disk space and to reuse it 3 times.


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