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BTQueue 0.1.3 has been released

It was about a month since BTQueue 0.1.2 released last month. I would like to introduce BTQueue 0.1.3 which is actually a minor bug fixes version with several features added. In this version "peer" command is back again. You can query the latest peer list replied by the tracker anytime you like. In addition, I added "eval" command that allows you to view or modify data in memory on the fly. This function will be very useful if you are Python programmers. Since I have just gotten a chance to use DHT, it is possible to force DHT by setting local policy; otherwise, DHT will be forced if the announce URL starts with udp://. The option --saveas has been fixed to work as except. One more thing, IP to Country database has been updated to include up-to-date mapping.... read more

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2006-06-23

BTQueue 0.1.2 has been released

I know that I has just released 0.1.1 only 5 days ago but it worths to upgrade if it has a good enhancement like this.

According to a problem connecting to some private trackers posted at, I managed to solve this problem by just ignoring extra characters in data sent from those trackers. Thanks to dodgy to help me find out this problem.... read more

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2006-05-10

BTQueue 0.1.1 has been released

I am very happy to announce the release of BTQueue 0.1.1 at release number 451. In this version, I focused on fixing race condition, handling error and integrating to external frontend. There is one change that you have to know. resume command now just changes any state of given ID to waiting for the next scheduling. If you want to force it to run immediately, you have to use option "-f". Two commands are introduced in this version: du (disk usage) and df (disk free). These commands are to help integration with external frontend with quota support. Lastly, you are able to see latest error message again.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2006-05-06

BTQueue 0.1.0 has been released

I'm very exciting to announce the release of BTQueue 0.1.0. After very so long waiting for a year, I have finished BTQueue 0.1.0 and hopefully it works well without the classical bugs, e.g., 100% utilization and freezing.

This version is kind of beta release. You can leave comments and report bugs to help me fix them all. My purpose is to develop BitTorrent client for production run in data center and co-location.... read more

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2006-02-27

BTQueue 0.0.18 has been released

Eventually, BTQueue 0.0.18 has been released with lots of new
features, improvements, and bugs fixed. In this version, xmlrpc is
heavily used to fully support remote submission so that it is the
first cluster-ready BitTorrent client. In addition, low disk space
checking mechanism has been added to prevent consuming all
disk in automatic crawler mode. Output table now is rendered
dynamically to eliminate misalign column. Furthermore, you are
allowed to specify favorite table formatting or define as alias. A
most requested feature is file selection for multifile torrent.
Actually, BitTornado provides this capability for long. However,
BTQueue gives you more flexibility to generate priorities string
for large number of files in a line. Peers command has also added
to help you identify problem when no connection has been made
in reasonable period.
Don't waste your time. Try it right now!

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2005-01-10

BTQueue 0.0.17 has been released

Due to some minor bugs in 0.0.16, I decided to release this version to fix those bugs. Furthermore, sourceforge got some problems yesterday. No one can download.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-10-20

BTQueue 0.0.16 has been released

A Console-based BitTorrent Client with built-in scheduler for handling multiple sessions. It is designed to manage sessions in queue easily without heavy-weight GUI. External module can search for new torrents in trackers and submit it automatically. BTQueue 0.0.15 is stable enough for long run. BTQueue. 0.0.16 has been modified to extend its functionality for maximum extensibility.

Now, you can limit global download rate (not accurate but
usable). In contrast, global upload rate limitting algorithm has
been changed to improve fairness.... read more

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-10-18

BTQueue 0.0.10 has been released

There is a major bug in acl module. Special thanks to Brian Thomason for his report. This version also introduces command aliases to help calling command shortly. I recommend all users to upgrade immediately.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-06-25

BTQueue 0.0.9 has been released

I proudly announce BTQueue 0.0.9, a console-based BitTorrent client. It comes with BitTornado 0.3.2 as core engine. Many bugs are fixed.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-06-24

BTQueue 0.0.8 has been released

BTQueue 0.0.8 is a text-based BitTorrent client built on top of BitTornado 0.3.1. This version supports download rate limitation, access control list based on ip range, network name (taken from whois), and country, and many bugs fixed.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-06-01

BTQueue 0.0.7 has been released

I'm proud to announce BitTorrent Queue Manager 0.0.7. This version has been changed core engine to BitTornado 0.2.0 with launch many core so overall upload rate is accurately shared among sessions. Many bugs are fixed, e.g., list filter, media fetching, id sorting, and duplicate filename. BTQueue 0.0.7 knows other new peer id generating such as BitTorrent Plus and Deadman Walking. I recommend you to upgrade immediately.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-05-04

BTQueue 0.0.5 has been released

This version is a minor bug fixed to handle exceptions in saveas and initfiles properly. In some case, files are unable to create due to permission denied or else. Proper error message is shown to notify user and continue running without problem.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-04-20

BTQueue 0.0.4 has been released

I proudly announce BTQueue 0.0.4. In this version, TorrentBits style tracker has been supported in crawler module. Many bugs are fixed, for example, incorrect automatic upload rate setting on multiple sessions and unhandle exceptions in crawler.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-04-19

BTQueue 0.0.3 has been released

According to major problem in BitTornado 0.1.3, BTQueue 0.0.3 is the fixed bug release. The core engine has been upgraded to BitTornado 0.1.4. Some minor bugs are also fixed. BTQueue is a console-based BitTorrent Client with built-in scheduler for handling multiple sessions. It is designed to manage sessions in queue easily without heavy-weight GUI. External module can search for new torrents in trackers and submit it automatically.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-04-08

BTQueue 0.0.2 has been released

After long period waiting for console-based BitTorrent client,
BitTorrent Queue Manager has been released to replace other
heavy-weight GUI client. BTQueue is designed for super-users
who do not want any beautiful GUI to see the status. What
they usually want is just to ask for current status when they
reall want to.

In this release, BTQueue uses BitTornado 0.1.3 as its
backend. So all you get all features that BitTornado provides
including queue management system. The features include
below:... read more

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-04-07

BTQueue 0.0.1 has been released

BTQueue is a console-based BitTorrent Client running on top of BitTornado. It provides single interface to control all BitTorrent download session. Furthermore, basic queue functions are available, e.g., submit, cancel, pause, resume, hold, unhold, and more. Parameters are changable at run-time as well as additional information of each peer. Each peer is queried its information to show you in detail. For example, its IP address, country, and including network name of that IP are available.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-03-24