BTQueue 0.1.3 has been released

It was about a month since BTQueue 0.1.2 released last month. I would like to introduce BTQueue 0.1.3 which is actually a minor bug fixes version with several features added. In this version "peer" command is back again. You can query the latest peer list replied by the tracker anytime you like. In addition, I added "eval" command that allows you to view or modify data in memory on the fly. This function will be very useful if you are Python programmers. Since I have just gotten a chance to use DHT, it is possible to force DHT by setting local policy; otherwise, DHT will be forced if the announce URL starts with udp://. The option --saveas has been fixed to work as except. One more thing, IP to Country database has been updated to include up-to-date mapping.

In conclusion, I do recommend all you to upgrade as soon as possible the get the most stable version of BTQueue. Lastly, don't forget to leave your comments and bugs at My plan is to integrate BitTorrent 4.20.0 into BTQueue 0.1.4 within next month.

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2006-06-23

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