BTQueue 0.0.18 has been released

Eventually, BTQueue 0.0.18 has been released with lots of new
features, improvements, and bugs fixed. In this version, xmlrpc is
heavily used to fully support remote submission so that it is the
first cluster-ready BitTorrent client. In addition, low disk space
checking mechanism has been added to prevent consuming all
disk in automatic crawler mode. Output table now is rendered
dynamically to eliminate misalign column. Furthermore, you are
allowed to specify favorite table formatting or define as alias. A
most requested feature is file selection for multifile torrent.
Actually, BitTornado provides this capability for long. However,
BTQueue gives you more flexibility to generate priorities string
for large number of files in a line. Peers command has also added
to help you identify problem when no connection has been made
in reasonable period.
Don't waste your time. Try it right now!

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2005-01-10

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