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BTQueue 0.0.16 has been released

A Console-based BitTorrent Client with built-in scheduler for handling multiple sessions. It is designed to manage sessions in queue easily without heavy-weight GUI. External module can search for new torrents in trackers and submit it automatically. BTQueue 0.0.15 is stable enough for long run. BTQueue. 0.0.16 has been modified to extend its functionality for maximum extensibility.

Now, you can limit global download rate (not accurate but
usable). In contrast, global upload rate limitting algorithm has
been changed to improve fairness.

Furthermore, crawler module now supports user-defined filter
so that new tracker sites can be added manually. This version
also fully handles cookie taken from new commands, wget and
wpost, and old commands, add and meta. For more convenience, scrape command has been added to help
testing given torrent.

For one who wants to know peers, ip2cc database has been
updated with routing policy provied by rddb. You will get its
description instead of just netname.

To increase comfortability, BTQueue now provides daemon
mode and remote control mode so that you do not need "screen" to run it on unix server anymore. Moreover, you
can define unlimited aliases to make your command shorter. It is possible to add run-time arguments to each alias.

You can download this latest version here:

Posted by Sugree Phatanapherom 2004-10-18

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