• Lloyd Bottomley

    Lloyd Bottomley - 2006-08-07

    Can someone please point me in the direction of some doco's for using XML-RPC or give me an example of how to use it? I'm building a web interface for BTQueue, and I'd like to use XML-RPC to talk to BTQueue. Thanks peoples!

    • Sugree Phatanapherom

      I would like to apologize for lacking of document and manual. I promise to write one soon! What is your favorite programming language? PHP? Python? So I can give the cloest example.

    • Lloyd Bottomley

      Lloyd Bottomley - 2006-08-08

      G'day mate!

      Don't worry about the doco, BTQueue is unbeatable anyway.

      I hacked the xmlrpc.py file (I know jack about Python but I got there) to print out exactly what XML was being pumped out before it was sent to the server.

      So all is good, and the Web UI is coming along real nice, I can do all the most important stuff like add, remove, start, stop, scrape etc.

      One question though, how do you move a torrent up and down the queue? Is there a command I've overlooked that does this?

      Thanks for your help! v01d.

      PS. Using PHP, and the xmlrpc extension.

      • Sugree Phatanapherom

        You can rearrange by using "iset" command to adjust "priority" of each torrent. For example:

        iset 96 priority 2

        The default value is always 5 so it will be sorted by torrent number aka FIFO. If possible, it would be nice if you release your code to open source community. Anyway, it's all up to you.

        • Lloyd Bottomley

          Lloyd Bottomley - 2006-08-08

          Thanks, I'll have a play with that.

          I do plan to release it, but I want to get it to a decent standard before I go live. :)


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