CPU usage goes to 100%

  • Jonathan Rogers

    Jonathan Rogers - 2005-05-19

    When I run BTQueue-0.0.18 on my GNU/Linux (Debian unstable) machine with Python 2.3.5, it eventually uses all available CPU time. When I first start it, it uses 5-30% (it's a very old Pentium-MMX machine), but at some point, it will peg the CPU. I haven't noticed a pattern of how long it takes or in what circumstances. When it pegs the CPU, it continues to work properly, downloading and remaing responsive.

    • Sugree Phatanapherom

      This is a known problem reported by many users but I have still never seen. It could be problem of python, kernel, or thread.

    • Anonymous - 2005-07-01

      I have the same problem. It happens when a torrent is completed, yet btqueue reports it as incomplete. An example line from list:
      23 torrentname 100.0% 348.53 348.54 0:00:02 16.2  0.0  6(7)   1(3) running 120.2%

      I kill btqueue and restart it (always running in daemon mode). Now btqueue reports it as complete and starts seeding.

      System: FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE

      Is there anything we can do when this happens? Maybe this will give you enough information to trace and fix the problem.

    • wellczech

      wellczech - 2005-12-14

      I had the same problem with CPU usage. Just try to change write_buffer_size. It helped me. CPU usage is often 1-5% and memory usage about 1.5% (Intel Pentium 4 HT 2.80GHz, 1024MB RAM). Try and post a comment if helped

    • DrGOA®

      DrGOA® - 2006-02-15

      100% CPU confirmed - WinXP sp2, BTQueue 0.0.18
      For me it seems that the bug shows when transfer actually starts, i.e from few seconds to minute after the torrent is started.
      Changing write_buffer_size does not solve it here...
      Even after "pause id" command the CPU usage remains 100% (torrent is stopped).


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