run btqueue as a deamon

  • JoeGreenwood

    JoeGreenwood - 2005-04-12

    I'm a newbie. It's a shame cause don't know how to run BTQueue as a deamon.

    I first connect from a WinXP machine using PuTTY through ssh to a headless Gentoo machine that we use as a server; note that i don't have full access to it (i'm a simple user, not super user).

    When i run
    ./ scheduler
    everything is fine, torrents are working, i get good rates, everything :)

    But then i want to be able to close my terminal, shut down my WinXP machine and let the server keep running btqueue. I read about that command:

    nohup ./ scheduler &

    But it doesn't work. Is this the way i'm supposed to do? Is there something else?

    • waermotian

      waermotian - 2005-04-12

      You can use the 'screen' command.  Checkout 'man screen'. screen will create virtual screens each with it's own shell.

      Fire up screen and then start btqueue your normal way. When you want to logout, detach from the screen command using ctrl-a, ctrl-d.  After detaching, close your connection.  btqueue should still be running inside the detached screen.

      When you log back in you can use screen -r to reconnect to the detached screen session. You should see btqueue still running.


    • Sugree Phatanapherom

      You just need to run command

      ./ daemon

      After that you can access it by

      ./ remote

      In this mode, quit command will not terminate the main process. If you really want to terminate the daemon, please use kill command instead.

    • Justice

      Justice - 2005-08-13

      you know i tried running my btqueue as deamon, all i get is connection refused. It's really weird because i tried it as both root and super user.

      probably has something to do with the firewall, but the weird thing is, the scheduler will run just fine.

      • Sugree Phatanapherom

        what is your os and distribution? Probably the webservice port is being used by other program.

        • flaviof15

          flaviof15 - 2005-10-01

          How to make fix the problem with command
             btqueue remote
          in Windows NT 4. and Linux Fedora core 3


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