Feature request: parameters passed to the lock script

  • Konstantinos Eliopoulos

    Hi, first of all thank you for bringing this code open source.

    I would like to pass some extra parameter to the lock and unlock scripts for instance:

    • Name of the configured bluetooth device
    • Bluetooth mac address
    • Drive and directory where btprox is
    • count of the disconnections

    I was thinking to this syntax where the placeholders are substituted by the value of parameters.
    lock.bat ${bt_name} ${bt_addr} ${drive} ${disconnection_count}

    Thanks in advance

  • Uri Kogan

    Uri Kogan - 2014-06-21

    Hi, Konstantinos.
    This may be possible.
    Though, why do you need the drive and directory of BtProx?
    Are you familiar with .NET to add this feature yourself?


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