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If you have have some code you want to share with other BugTracker.NET users, post it here. If you have questions about the code posted here, contact the author, not me The older the code here is, the less likely that it would be compatible with the latest BugTracker.NET version. - corey

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated
18 Alternate search page posted here with extra text fields None closed 2007-04-24 2009-11-05  
16 VISUAL STUDIO VERSION OF BTNET ATTACHED HERE BASED ON 2.2.7 None closed 2006-10-05 2009-11-05  
12 CODE FOR MORE CUSTOM FIELD OPTIONS POSTED HERE None closed 2005-11-03 2009-11-05  
9 CODE TO CREATE PICKLIST CUSTOM FIELD POSTED HERE None closed 2004-11-10 2009-11-05  
2 CODE TO EXPORT BUG LIST TO EXCEL POSTED HERE None closed 2004-03-24 2009-11-05  
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