#32 prop.aspx - demo of code-behind BT.NET constructs


NOTE: this tested with BT.NET version 3_4_9 but might work with earlier versions too.

Just a simple page, that displays the DataRow fields and values.
This DataRow information is used by for example edit_bug.aspx -form.
It is also available in some App_Code\workflow.cs functions.

Just copy this to your www-folder. Go to edit some bug normally (edit_bug.aspx) and
then change the "edit_bug.aspx" into "prop.asp" and press enter -> You should see
all the fields and values of the datarow as a table.

I wrote this to help people to get started with developing new code behind pages
and this way to further accelerate world wide development of public codebase too
as more and more people are used to work with the code behind model.


  • polarlightning

    polarlightning - 2011-04-25

    prop.aspx and prop.aspx.cs that displays bug properties. The bug is selected by the id-parameter on the url

  • polarlightning

    polarlightning - 2011-04-25
    • summary: Demo of user added code-behind BT.NET page --> prop.aspx - demo of code-behind BT.NET constructs

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