Michael Schierl - 2006-09-06

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In fact there are two problems when trying to do so (plus
any problems caused by the ROM image stuff, I do not know
how these images work...).

1. You have to compress half of main.bin since it will be
decompressed at load.

2. SBM tries to save its settings to the disk it has been
loaded from; in ROM this is hard.

The rest is easy:

the main.bin (after compressing it) must be loaded to
1000:0000. Put the current drive id (where settings should
be saved) to dl and jump to 1000:0000.

To work around these two problems (that are exactly the
same when you want to chainload SBM from another
bootloader), I made a patch:


Just take the "bzimage", remove the first 1K (the loader)
and build a ROM image that loads the rest to 1000:0000. Set
dl to 0xFF and jump to 1000:0000. (The "bzimage" loader is
quite straightforward as well).