CD-ROM Boot Problem

  • CallMeAndy

    CallMeAndy - 2007-11-18

    BIOS recognises the presence of the CD-ROM drive and a suitable place in the boot-sequence. Windows facilitates access. However Windows Server 2003 will not boot in the drive, unyet it does perfectly OK in ther system. So I looked for solutions and found this product thinking to boot from Drive A, and then execute the files on the CD-ROM. However whilst the product sees the drive when I try to boot through the Smart Manager interface I gt error 0xAA if I try to save settings it preceedsthi with error 0x01

    Any advice welcome.

    • CallMeAndy

      CallMeAndy - 2007-11-18

      Sorry typo in last message: unyet it does perfectly OK in ther system
      should have read: unyet it does perfectly OK in another system


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