lost sbm after windows-reinstall

  • Chris

    Chris - 2005-03-21

    I lost the smart boot manager after i reinstalled win98.Computer starts on Win only, now, but I need my linux partition. I had the old windowsdata saved for deinstallation. But i don't know, whether deinstall will bring back SBM or not. Or if I can simply reinstall SBM

    very urgently looking for help on this, thanks!

    • Toaster

      Toaster - 2007-06-10

      even it is out of date, I will answer the question:

      Writing back your old windows data won't bring back sbm, because sbm is not stored on your disk as a file.
      It is written into the master boot record of our hard disk. When installing Windows, Windows writes it's own boot record onto the disk, to ensure there is something that loads Windows (Windows itself doesn't take notice of boot managers). You can compare the Windows Boot Record with a very easy Boot Manager, which boots only the OS, the partition's marked as active.

      So you have to reinstall SBM.




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