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BTFile 2007 / News: Recent posts

BTFile 2008 will not be released anymore.

The 2008 version of BTFile will not be released because the version 2007 has all the functions necessary and the source code has been stole.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-08-24

2008 Version is in development, will be released in December

The 2008 Version will have a lot of news and functions, including MD5 extract and Download Parts Manager. The visual interface will be lighter and designed in openSuSe 10.1 Linux with NetBeans, different in 2007 Version, that was designed in Windows XP with JBuilder. It will have security implementations, a Comparison Report (More interesting). All the old functionalities will be kept.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-02-11

Released End-User Guide in Portuguese

This is the first End-User Guide. It's in Brazilian Portuguese.
The English Translation has begun. It will be released in two days.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-01-31

Released Version 1.3: Bugs and Performance correction

=> Performance addition: about 5%-12%
=> Memory usage reduced
=> Bugs Correction:
-Painting application while processing fixed
-Memory check before compare removed
=> Now self-update checks new version only on Fridays.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-01-30

Version 1.2 Released: With self-update, English translations

A new version was released today: BTFile 2007 version 1.2;
=> Auto-detect your language: English (by default) and Portuguese BR.
=> Self-update: If in this server has an newer version, the program automaticaly download the ZipFile.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-01-17

Translation to English has begun

The translation to English (USA) of actual program version has begun and it will be released soon.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-01-13

Final Version 1.1: Does not require installation

In this new version, the program is going to be lighter, so it is just 239kb to Download.
Now it does not require installation, because the source code was simplified and the number of files was reduced.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-01-07

File Compare Included

A new fuction on program was added: The File Compare. So, you can compare your files and see the difference on a Graph like WindowsDefrag Graph.

Posted by Brenner Toledo 2007-01-05